Bruce L. Vogel

for City Councilor At Large

Tuesday November 3rd!

“A politician thinks of the next election.
A statesman, of the next generation”
James Freeman Clarke
Bruce Vogel
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Fellow Newburyporter,

The above quote is a bold statement by a candidate for a city election - yet the sentiment resonates with my being.

I like being a City Councilor and take the responsibility very seriously. It is an honor to serve the community.

Desiring to “to give back and to leave something,” my commitment to public service in Newburyport began in 1999–

As a member of the community, my interest and involvement in the community has always been intense and a priority. I look forward to continuing to serve Newburyport in an elected capacity.

Thank you for your interest - your help will allow me to continue to serve in 2016.


Bruce L. Vogel