RE-ELECT on November 5th

Bruce L. Vogel


City Councillor At Large

Platform - It's about Newburyport

If you go no further than this page, please take away this message:

When you step into the voting booth, please consider the manner,

approach, temperament and motivation of the candidate.


The impact of these traits is far more longer lasting than their position on any issue du jour.

My foundation for conducting Council business -

Manner— Passionate, heartfelt and informed representation of the majority.

Desire to make our community a better place.

Approach— Researched, current and fully informed.

Casting votes with a complete understanding of the effects on our entire community. 


Temperament— Driven to solving issues by reaching consensus through dialog

as the foundation for good governing.

Motivation – Driven solely by the needs, desires and capabilities of the community.