My service to the community began with an appointment to the Youth Commission in 1999 and continued until I was elected as the Ward Five Councillor in 2004  and served two terms.

Seven years later (2014), I was elected as an At Large Councilor. 

As an elected representative, working with the divergent ideas and approaches of others

is often challenging.

My passion is to seek and encourage consensus through dialog - especially in a

politically charged atmosphere.

My approach is to be the voice of reason and to encourage accord.

Newburyport is special and my effort is to honor and protect what makes this a

wonderful place to live.


Newburyport Civic Involvement


City Councilor At   Large              2014 - 2019


City Councilor, Ward 5                 2004 – 2007

 Youth Commissioner                   1999 - 2004 


Committees served:


License and Permits Chair                            2006 – 2007

                                                                      2014 - present


Public Utilities                                                  2014 - 2016


General Government                                2014 - Present


Planning and   Development                        2004 – 2007


Budget and Finance                                        Chair: 2006

                                                                           2004 – 2007


Landfill (ad hoc)                                              2004 – 2007


Strategic Land Use                                          2004 - 2005


Youth Commission                             Chair: 2001 – 2003

                                                                           1999 – 2003


Memberships / Organizations

Newburyport Maritime Society

Friends of the Library

Winners Circle Running Club

Friends of Maudslay

Firehouse Center for the Arts

Neburyport Education Foundation


Sole Proprietor of three Newburyport coffeehouses -

 Plum Island Coffee Roasters, Commune Café and Souffles.


B. A. San Francisco State University


I have two grown children, and have been a Newburyport homeowner since 1992